smallasaGIANT will headline venues throughout California, beginning with the Museum of Anthropology in San Bernadino in April, followed by a Summer stint in Coachella at the Coachella Arts Center, before heading to the Bay Area, Central Valley, Fresno, Central Coast, Los Angeles, and the San Diego/US Border region.


THURSDAY APRIL 18th 6pm-8p @ the museum of anthropology in san bernardino

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Join us for a the grand opening of Small as a GIANT - a photography exhibit that exposes the inhumanity and ineffectiveness of juvenile incarceration - particularly long-term sentencing of youth. The exhibit includes photos, audio and other multimedia components highlighting individuals who were sentenced to 20+ years in prison when they were under the age of 18. Small as a Giant is a tangible tool and glaring statement to influence and empower communities, stakeholders, voters, and politicians to change polices that fuel one of America’s most egregious human rights violations: locking up children for what amounts to their entire lives.Small as a GIANT is poised to be the most compelling and galvanizing justice based artistic engagement of 2019-2020.


Museum of Anthropology- April 18 - June 15

Coachella Valley Arts Center- June & July (Exact dates to be determined)

Other locations include:

the Bay Area

Central Valley


Central Coast

Los Angeles

the San Diego/US Border region